Ultimately, trust in the act of justice is all we have left before the criminals who have tricked up the selection procedure for CMPOPAM members!

As shown below, I won (in part) the lawsuit filed more than a year ago …

ARIAP has called for a complete restoration of the selection procedures of the members of the POPAM 2014-2020 Monitoring Committee, the court accepting the restoration of the selection only with reference to ARIAP …

This way is good too ! For the rest of the application we have the appeal procedure and of course the criminal complaint for forgery in public documents …

Broad grounding note …

ariap proces

Summons issued 21 March 2016

Towards Romanian Association for innovation in aquaculture and fisheries (ARIAP)
Dear Madam/Sir, are called in this instance, room 221, fully fund-like c10 in 2016 May 16, 12:30 p.m. as a plaintiff in the lawsuit with the Ministry of AGRICULTURE and RURAL DEVELOPMENT-DIRECTORATE-GENERAL for FISHERIES-MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY for POP as a defendant.
File No. 9702/3/2016

Note: Charges brought in jointly with the director-general Mr. Cumpanășoiu Ciceronis are: abuse in the exercise of their function, fraud in the system selection and imposture.
At the end of the session we will hold a press conference.
Snacks and drinks on the part of ARIAP